Client Highlight: Victoria

A word on Victoria from Matt

I have worked with Victoria for almost a year now.  In that time she has been able to do the one thing that can almost guarantee success when starting a fitness journey: consistency.  She makes sure to get in all of her workouts every week.  If her regular days get too hectic, she goes the following day.  Victoria truly exemplifies the trait of consistency in training and it clearly shows.

Victoria may be skinny, but make no mistake – this girl is strong as hell!

Victoria’s training involves 3 weight training sessions per week.  Previously, we were doing more traditional barbell training in which she was able to load some significant weight onto her squats and deadlifts.  Currently, we are working more with dumbbells and bodyweight movements with a shifted focus on athleticism.   It has been a pleasure to see Victoria grow in raw strength and adaptability in her training and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here.

The Progress


and Here’s Victoria:

Starting weight:  174 January 2016
Current weight:  138 October 2016
What change(s) in your physique and strength have you noticed while training with me?
Since training with you I feel that all the goals addressed have been met or exceeded. I have lost 36 pounds and gained an immense amount of strength and muscle. My legs, abs, arms, and shoulders have all changed drastically, making me much more confident in both my appearance and my capability in the gym. I love that I don’t just feel/look skinny, but I feel/look STRONG!

How does our training differ from workouts you have done in the past?

Victoria grinding away at Goblet Squats.

Victoria grinding away at Goblet Squats.

The workouts are perfectly tailored to my body and my needs. You put so much thought and effort into every session, that it doesn’t feel like some random workout. In addition, with past trainers, I wasn’t particularly confident in their abilities. I feel comfortable and excited to try new workouts and exercises because I know you have done your research and am assured you know what is best for me.
What, if any, other areas of your life have been affected by your training?

Throughout training I have been positively affected not only physically but mentally. I was diagnosed with depression my sophomore year of college and was shocked how something mentally disabling could impact me drastically in a physical way. Training with you has helped me to overcome those barriers and over all I am a heather, happier, and more confident person.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Only thing I can think to say is thank you. Thank you for putting in the time and energy over these months to help me reach my goals. I look forward to continuing and seeing what more we can accomplish….and shirts should happen ASAP.

You can find Victoria on Instagram (@VZimmerman).  If you’d like to follow her example you can sign up for our personal coaching services here.