Dieting is simple, but it sure doesn’t feel that way. That confusion is thanks to the cacophony of conflicting information and viewpoints coming out of the health & fitness industry. We’ve seen friends try the newest, most cutting-edge diet, watch as they lose a ton of weight, and listen as […]

The Complete Guide to Flexible Dieting

Today’s article is different. I (Matt) didn’t write it. This is a guest post by James Braun, who contributed the idea and some materials on my recent testosterone article. Looking through James’ Instagram account I saw a story. His posts detail his injuries and his undying approach to his recovery […]

Injury Recovery: Training And Nutrition

One of your friends of FaceBook is looking better and better in every picture they post. Another friend has started a fitness account on Instagram and is always talking about “the grind” and “#motivation.” You’re seeing it everywhere – people taking charge of their health and fitness and you’re ready […]

“Press Any Key to Start” – Strategies for Starting Exercise

Wanting to build muscle is viewed as a vain goal for less-intelligent “meatheads” by a lot of people that don’t get it. Those of us that have looked into how to build muscle mass understand that it’s usually ago something greater. Maybe we’re tired of feeling small and week, maybe […]

Everything You Need to Know About How to Build Muscle