Millions of people attempt diets to lose weight and are successful, but only temporarily. Soon the weight comes back and sometimes it brings it’s friends along. If this sounds like you, it’s not just you – it’s everyone. This is common in fad, yo-yo, and crash diets, but it’s also […]

The Essential Guide to Reverse Dieting

A word on Jamie from matt I first met Jamie when he came into the gym I was working in looking for a basic fitness assessment we sold. He told me he was a competitive cyclist and seemed pretty serious about his performance. I knew the assessment he bought wan’t […]

Client Highlight – Jamie

This is my most recent meal prep obsession. Chickpeas and baked potatoes make an amazing one-two punch if you’re dieting! This meal is relatively low calorie (~350-450 cals per serving) and leaves me full for quite a long time. However, this is NOT a low-carb recipe and you should definitely […]

Chipotle Chickpeas and Baked Potato Bowls