Client Highlight – Jamie

A word on Jamie from matt

I first met Jamie when he came into the gym I was working in looking for a basic fitness assessment we sold. He told me he was a competitive cyclist and seemed pretty serious about his performance. I knew the assessment he bought wan’t going to give any valuable insight into his cycling performance so I told him “Hey, this assessment isn’t going to be any good for you. I can do some research and find one that will be better aimed at cycling, but technically I’m not supposed to do that. So it’s completely up to you.” Jamie didn’t hesitate and told me he was down to do a cycling specific fitness test, despite being somewhat ‘against the rules.’ Ever since Jamie and I have applied a power training approach (Heavy Squats for less than 5 reps per set) to supplement his cycling performance, his results certainly speak for themselves.


Getting ready to race with @jamieellllc . . . . #squats #couchstretch #rackpulls #cycling

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The Progress

Quad Almighty! Jamie’s legs exploded in size in response to the power centric training regimen he used.

And here’s Jamie

What change(s) in your physique, strength, and performance have you noticed while training with me?

I’m a competitive track cyclist who specializes in sprint events and time trials—Leveraging leg power or “laying down watts,” as they say, is key to succeeding in this discipline.  After getting on Matt’s individualized training program, I put on a ton of leg mass, and my quads just simply exploded.  Translating this strength to the bike not only improved my ability to “push” bigger gears, it also improved my explosiveness and acceleration, leading into an improved ability to sustain extremely high cadences on longer sprints.  By far, my cadence or “leg speed,” was the biggest change that I have noticed since training with Matt—It simply gave me an unparalleled edge among my peers in the track cycling community.

How does our training differ from workouts you have done in the past?

Matt’s approach is unique in that he is very specific.  He addresses your goals, listens to feedback, and then tailors a highly-individualized program; Other trainers would prescribe a pre-set workout without research or diligence.  What’s also different is the interdisciplinary approach that he adopts when constructing workouts—This, coupled with his extensive, applied research background gives you full confidence in Matt’s ability to help you smash your goals.

What, if any, other areas of your life have been affected by your training?

Shopping for pants.  It’s safe to say I won’t be able to wear skinny jeans in the foreseeable future.   It’s ironic because I’ve spent many years trying to stay lean enough to be able to shop at places like H&M, Express…etc. and wear Levi’s 511s.

It seems so trivial to “not be able to fit into normal jeans,” but it genuinely became a point of pride for me and really improved my body-image—The confidence I got from that and the athletic results I’ve achieved just spilled over to almost every facet of my life, including my career.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Beyond being a phenomenal trainer, Matt’s a great human being.  I had a grade 5 AC shoulder separation from a high-speed crash at the velodrome and it put me out of the game for about 8 months—Consequently, my mind and body just retreated into a very dark place because cycling and training was all I ever did and it just suddenly got taken away.

Matt recognizes how important the mental aspect is to the success of any athlete.  During my recovery, he continued to check in with me, provide counsel to my pain-killer-induced texting woes, and gave training recommendations that I could do in combination with my physical therapy.

When my doctor finally gave me a medical discharge, you could probably guess how excited I was to get back into training, and I never thought that being able to see my personal trainer would make me happy, but it did.  Because of all this, I’m now more mentally resilient, and stronger than I ever was, even before my injury.  Brawn for Brains for me is much more than just training smarter and training stronger—It has been the biggest catalyst to my most recent achievements in the weight room, on the track, and beyond.