Everyone’s Gotta Start Somewhere

I absolutely got weird looks when I took this photo...

We decided to create Brawn for Brains (B4B) after realizing how much time we spent not only in the gym, but also researching and discussing weightlifting, nutrition, and general fitness.

Here at B4B we seek to share our knowledge, experience, and adventures with other like-minded men and women who appreciate their fitness and nutrition with a serious dose of science and actual research (and a dash of humor).

Over the next several months we hope to roll out a fully-featured website, including articles, reviews, first-person stories, humor, comics, recipes, photos, and more. We’ll do the research for you to answer questions and dispel myths about training, working out, and eating healthy. There are many approaches to modern fitness and thousands of websites pitching their perspective (and sometimes simply recycling content); we hope to bring a somewhat-unique approach where asking “why?” and not taking ourselves too seriously produces real results for real (smart) people.

Can’t wait to get started,

Matt & Danielle