What is Neural Drive?

Neural Drive is the term people use commonly when referring to strength gains that don’t accompany muscle growth. Essentially, it refers to an adaptation in which the nervous system is more efficiently communicating with the muscles and is able to produce greater force despite the muscle being the same size. There are a lot of ways we can train to have neural drive, including focusing our training efforts on the underlying principles of neural plasticity.

In the following video I discuss the definition of neural drive, and how you can use it to positively impact your own strength training.


[Video] 3 Essential Components of Shoulder Workouts

Making a small change

For nearly three years I’ve really enjoyed writing training and nutrition articles for the blog here.  I’ve learned a lot doing extensive research for articles like

and I plan to continue to writing articles like this that dive deep into the research on all things fitness, nutrition, a

Another effort to confront my insecurities, trying to post more of my own progress photos to Instagram

nd productivity. However, I’ve always wanted to try to explain some of these concepts in a video but I always felt too self-conscious to try.

Well today I’m proud to announce that I am proactively confronting my insecurities and will be working to create a small series of videos on YouTube to deliver Brawn For Brains quality training advice in video form!

a template for shoulder workouts

In my work with clients I’ve noticed that shoulders are the easiest muscle group to over exert yourself and get injured. Usually you don’t know it when it’s happening, it’s always the next day that you realize you can’t put your shirt on. It’s important to have a structure. In this video I go over the basic layout I use to structure my shoulder workouts. The template is:

3-5 sets compound exercise – such as Overhead Press

3-5 sets accessory exercise – such as lateral shoulder raises, OR 3 sets skill development exercise – such as Overhead Squat

3 sets bodyweight exercise – such as tucking rocks, or handstand push ups.

keep a look out for new stuff

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