Protein is the highest regarded nutrient when it comes to muscle gain and for good reason. Research has repeatedly shown that an adequate protein intake is necessary, along with exercise, to promote muscle gain. In regards to eating protein there are often three questions people wonder: How much protein do […]

The Essential Guide to Protein Supplements

Right behind whey protein pre-workout is one off the most popular “supplements” out there.  I put “supplements” in quotations because it isn’t really a nutritional supplement; it’s something we take to give us an edge, a little boost when we’re feeling down, or simply because it’s our pre-workout ritual.  It’s […]

Essential Guide to Pre-Workout Supplements

Why write this? I am beyond confused when it comes to multivitamin supplements! And I have an extensive background in Biology, so what this tells me is that the industry has been extremely successful with blurring the lines between fact and fiction for one of the most commonly consumed supplements. […]

The Essential Guide to Multivitamins