It’s September, which means FALL and it’s time for pumpkin flavored everything (unless you live in the desert where we don’t have fall and it’s always time for fire). Personally, my favorite time to have something with a little pumpkin pronouncement punching my palette is breakfast – hence my immediate […]

Sheena’s Pumpkin Protein Pancake

Who doesn’t love tacos? If you are ever at a point in your life that you are aware of someone that doesn’t love tacos, I high suggest you reevaluate the aspects of your life that has led you here. Anyways, tacos are great but meatless tacos often get treated like […]

Mushroom Tacos

This is my most recent meal prep obsession. Chickpeas and baked potatoes make an amazing one-two punch if you’re dieting! This meal is relatively low calorie (~350-450 cals per serving) and leaves me full for quite a long time. However, this is NOT a low-carb recipe and you should definitely […]

Chipotle Chickpeas and Baked Potato Bowls

It’s cold outside and that means we can finally eat soups, stews and, my personal favorite, chili. It’s only cold in enough for chili here for about two months a year so when I can I definitely make it. Below is my favorite chili recipe as of late. It’s filling, […]

Winter Chili