Brawn for Brains Personal Coaching Service

Our Philosophy

“Train Smarter, Train Stronger.”

Our philosophy at Brawn for brains is eloquently described in our tagline. We believe that finding the few critical things to implement in your training will always be much more effective than trying to simply do as much as you can. Those few things when done consistently and progressively benefit the trainee over the long term greatly. This training philosophy does not work for everyone, Brawn for Brains clients tend to have these traits in common:

  1. Patience
  2. Consistency
  3. Willingness to learn about body
  4. Communicative


Our training and nutritional recommendations are typically informed by current research and well established practices. When it comes to training for strength, muscle building, fat loss, or sport you can’t cheat your physiology with shortcuts. Our methods are not “30 day body transformation” type programs, instead our methods seek to maximize your anatomical and physiological capabilities through progressive adaptation. Our clients have the patience to know they can’t have everything they want today and that the important thing is to make sure they’re making progress over the long term.


Before you receive a Brawn for Brains training program we will discuss how many days per week you already train. We’ll use that number to determine how many days per week you can start out training. It’s imperative to your success that you are able to complete the amount of agreed upon training sessions every week. Our clients focus on their goals and realize that they are a long term investment that must be made in small regular efforts.

Willingness to learn about the body

Most brawn for brains clients aren’t anatomy and physiology experts. However, they all do express a desire to know more about how their body works (“Why are carbs good/bad/neutral?”). No client is expected to do homework on the subject of the body, however when a training program is delivered there will usually be some explanation as to why certain training efforts have been chosen for them. Brawn for Brains clients regularly question diet and exercise recommendations to better understand them.


More than anything the joint success of a client and trainer depends on their communication quality and frequency to each other. This is completely independent of whether the coaching process is online or in-person. When clients have questions, concerns, or comments about a program it can only be improved if they share that information with their trainer. The more often that exchange of information the better the program becomes tailored to the client and their goals. Brawn for Brains clients and trainers regularly reach out with questions and comments to ensure a constant dialogue.

Creating a Brawn for Brains Training Program

“How much do you weigh?”

“How tall are you?”

“What’s your estimated body fat?”

“What sports have you played recreationally?”

“Do you currently play any sports regularly?”

“What kind of exercise do you enjoy?”

“What kind of exercise do you hate?”

“Do you have any current/past injuries that may affect injury?”

“How’s your heart health?”

“Do you have any emotional driver for wanting to get serious about training?”

“How often do you drink?”

“How often do you smoke?”

“If you had to run away from a T-rex, how far would you get before it ate you?”

We ask a lot of questions when creating training programs, this is especially important for online clients. We need as much information as possible when creating a training program.  Training programs are issued in 4-week cycles, these cycles are updated every 4 weeks based on feedback to ensure continual progression. Over the course of completing these training programs we continue regular communication with our clients so that we can make sure that their overall training plan is pushing them towards the goals they set out to achieve. Additionally, we pair our programs with custom videos to explain how and why each exercise is prescribed.

Brawn for Brains Nutrition Advisement

The Brawn for Brains view on Nutrition coaching is in line with the flexible dieting school of thought. We believe that all diets have the potential to work given they provide adequate nutrition and the client maintains consistency. We use the word “Advisement” to make it clear that we will not insist you eat the same 3-day meal plan on repeat until you die. We aim to teach you some of the basics of nutrition and give you the tools to put the power of dietary control into your own hands. We will issue sample meal plans to give a general plan of what we would eat if we were in your position, however these should not be taken as gospel.

Nutrition advisement services are intended to open your relationship to food as the nutritious, delicious part of your life it was intended to be. No bland chicken and broccoli, carb banning, or eating disgusting health bars.

Coaching Services

Brawn for Brains Online Coaching services are currently priced at $135.00 USD per 4-week period. During each 4-week period you will receive:

  1. Tailored 4-week training plan
  2. Regularly updated nutritional advisement guidelines
  3. Email/Video Support
  4. Weekly check-ins

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