Build yourself “From the ground Up”

In my personal training business whenever I meet with newer clients there are usually a handful of questions and concerns that repeatedly pop up:

  • I’m nervous when I walk into the weight room
  • I’ve tried everything to lose weight and nothings happening, what am I doing wrong?
  • I want to get “in shape enough” before I start going to the gym, what can I do at home?
  • I’m good about my diet all day but every night I end up binge eating and feel terrible, how can I break this cycle?
  • I really want to start exercising regularly but just can’t make time for the gym.

I wrote this book because I wanted a No-BS guide that deals with these concerns head on as simply as possible to recommend my clients but I couldn’t find one anywhere. There are plenty of good health and fitness books out there but you have to already be a gym rat to understand and use them. This book addresses the need for a simple and concise guide to starting exercise, making good habits, breaking bad ones, achieving your goals, and living the kind of life you’ve always talked about.

Confidently Walk into Your Gym

Walking into the weight room of a new gym is intimidating. Don’t worry if you feel this way, it’s intimidating for everyone, but it’s especially bad if you’re new to working out in general. When you walk in you feel like all eyes are on you, judging you as you try to figure out what this machine does, or how ‘that guy’ over there is doing ‘that thing’ he is doing. It’s unnerving, unpleasant, and responsible for most of those cases in which people sign up for a gym membership and stop showing up after week 2.

Taking the time to learn some workouts you can do at home before you start going to the gym is a solid option, but what workouts are best going to prepare you for gym training? The internet is a constant barrage of people yelling over each other telling you what workout you should start from and these all range from ineffective to downright dangerous. My book contains one program that can be done at a gym or at home with almost no equipment that is both effective and safe for learning how to perform basic exercises, and a second program intended to transition from these beginner exercises to the essential compound exercises.

But why should you listen to me? I could just be another one of those internet trolls yelling over the rest.

When I was writing From the Ground Up I pulled upon 3 areas to design these two programs:

  1. My experience as someone that transitioned from basic home workouts to advanced weight training methods.
  2. Current research on neural and muscular adaptations in untrained people in response to weight training.
  3. My experience as a bioengineer to put research and experience into something you can replicate yourself.

These two programs will enable you to walk into your gyms weight room with confidence. You’ll be self-assured in your exercises and their execution. You won’t make eye contact with someone else and feel meek or submissive, you’ll feel strong and poised. You’ll feel at home in the weight room and everyone will know it.

Stop Waiting to “Change your life”

You can describe yourself any number of ways, but if you want to learn the truth about someone all you need to do is look at their everyday habits. Looking at someone’s habits tell you what they prioritize in their life more than their words ever will. You may say “Health is really important to me” but your 4+ meals per week from fast food say otherwise. It’s easy to say “I really value hard work and discipline” but your unmade bed indicates a whole other set of priorities. If you were to take a truly honest lens to your own habits and examine them thoroughly, would you be happy with the person you appear to be?

Your habits aren’t written in stone, although if you’ve ever tried to break a bad habit it may have felt like it was. It’s easy to sit back and accept bad habits, or the lack of desired habits. To stew in envy of the people that are living their lives the way you want to live yours all because “they just happened to form good habits” or “they never had to break a bad habit.” You and I both know this excuse is complete BS. In the later chapters of my book I dive into the psychological and behavioral processes of habit formation. All habits, from exercise to chain smoking, obey the same basic rules. Rules you can easily apply to start good habits and break bad ones.

Mastering your habits will give you the power to control the direction of your life. Whenever you notice you want to make a change in your life you’ll be able to instigate that change and carry it out over days, weeks, months, and years. You’ll no longer be that person that talks endlessly about “how I’m going to change my life.” You’ll be the person that did it, and continues to do it.

Others will Ask You…

It seems any time you log onto the internet you encounter someone on Instagram that’s been documenting their weightloss journey from 350lb behemoth to 130lb walking inspiration, or a friend on FaceBook has turned their life around and is getting in the best shape of their life, or one of your favorite celebrities is boasting their new “transformation” in a magazine and sending you little tidbits on SnapChat. Wherever you go it seems everyone is able to completely change their physique for the better with little to no effort, and you may find yourself asking “Why can’t I do it that easily?”

Don’t worry, it isn’t effortless, or even easy. For the vast majority of the world getting into shape and maintaining it takes a considerable amount of effort but it’s not as much as you think. The reason why it feels like it requires so much effort is because you’ve spent so much time with grand exhaustive efforts to reach your goals and you’ve burnt out before you’ve been able to reap any rewards. Imagine if you took all of that effort and refined it into a more strategic approach.

With From the Ground Up you will learn principles that will enable you to pinpoint your goals specifically and attack them strategically.  This means no more long and exhaustive “confusion-style” workouts coupled with overly restrictive diets that leave you begging for the end of your “21-day challenge.” You’ll be able to set your goals and enjoy the process of achieving them, all because you understand the underlying principles.

Soon other people will be asking you how you achieved your goals and how you made it look so easy.

This Stuff Works

I stand behind this book 110% because these are the methods I’ve used to change my own life. I’ve used these methods to deadlift 500 pounds, build a better body than I ever thought possible, run obstacle course races, quit smoking, overcome depression, return to grad school, and so much more.

On the left: Freshly graduated from college, dealing with depression, in unhealthy relationships, undisciplined, frequent headaches, chain smoking, bad eating habits, overexerting myself with ridiculous exercise programs, and generally unhappy.

On the right: 5 years later. Happy, in a healthy marriage, no sign of depression, top performer in grad school, working in research, training 4x per week, and loving life.

This isn’t just a physical transformation. So much of the change I made started with wanting to make a simple physical change and snowballed from there. Cultivating the discipline to go to the gym regularly became discipline to go to sleep at a regular time. This in turn lead to better performance at work which eventually lead to returning to grad school. I had effectively used training as a way to build myself From the Ground Up into the person I’ve always wanted to be.

And it’s not just me…

The principles laid out in this book are the same principles I use with my clients. Whether your goal is weight loss, building muscle, or just general health the principles in this book will help you reach your goals!


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It’s your turn

It’s about damned time you stop waiting to live life the way you want and start working towards being the person you want to be. It’s not all going to be easy, sometimes it’s going to be downright hard. But with the knowledge of the principles of exercise, diet, and mental health you can navigate those hard times correctly and come out the other side better than ever. So, if you’re ready to take your turn and build yourself From the Ground Up click the button.