“From the Ground Up” – The Essential Book for Mastering Fitness

Why Write This?

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I believe it is the responsibility of everyone to utilize their body to it’s fullest capabilities. Everyone should practice cultivating strength, becoming fluent in their movement patterns, and strive to be the healthiest they can be. Of course, this is the pursuit of the fitness lifestyle and now, more than ever, people are flocking to gyms in pursuit of improving their life.

It’s not hard to notice someone new to the gym if you’ve been going a while; they arrive with boundless energy and vigor, flail around trying out what they see other people doing, and won’t leave until they are completely exhausted. I don’t say this holding these newbies in contempt, I was very much the same when I started training. My biggest regret when I look back on my early training career is that there was so much wasted effort. I strive to make sure the effort my clients put in the gym does not have the same fate as my early days, and to do that I’ve developed a handful of very simple protocols to guide my clients’ progress.

This book is the written distillation of those protocols and is laid out to guide those with absolutely no experience all the way to pulling their first bodyweight deadlift. It’s the book I wish I could have been reading when I started my fitness journey.

But there are a lot of introductory fitness books out there…

This is true, but many of these books suffer from one of two problems. They either (1) do not show any exercises that will actually make a difference in someone’s fitness and enjoy, or (2) they are actually better directed at people with an intermediate level of fitness. The books that are better for intermediates usually include a large amount of gym jargon, technical terms, and have people start out with exercises they may find intimidating.

The earliest chapters of this book are directly written for past clients of mine that had anxiety attacks at the thought of entering the weight room, or even doing push ups with someone else watching. These chapters are intended to help people cultivate the confidence and power to start doing what many of those other books are talking about. In other words, these chapters are for true beginners.

What this book is

This book is a guide for those who feel like they’ve always looked at people in the gym through a storefront window; mesmerized by what they were doing, wanting to join in, but not knowing how. In this book I lay out the essential information of joint biomechanics necessary for understanding movement, how to effectively form or break any habit, and how to organize your training to:
1. Refine practical everyday movement.
2. Getting started with regular resistance training.
3. Cultivate Power and Strength
4. Modify this (and any) program to meet your goals

And that’s just a few of the things you’ll find inside! This book is perfect for starting your fitness journey whether your goal is Bodybuilding, Power Lifting, Olympic Weight Lifting, Physique Training, or any other sort of strength training based sport. The principles laid out in this book will serve you well across all domains of physical training.

This book represents 18 months of effort in writing, the journeys of myself and clients to meet our own fitness goals, and my love of teaching others any little tip I know that could improve their life. I hope you enjoy it.

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