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Right behind whey protein pre-workout is one off the most popular “supplements” out there.  I put “supplements” in quotations because it isn’t really a nutritional supplement; it’s something we take to give us an edge, a little boost when we’re feeling down, or simply because it’s our pre-workout ritual.  It’s […]

Essential Guide to Pre-Workout Supplements

Calisthenics Training It’s summer 2016 and, just like every four years, I am glued to watching the gymnasts perform in the summer Olympics.  In watching these extremely fit individuals I am reminded of the beauty of well performed body weight exercises.  Body weight training gets treated as a gimmick and […]

Beginner’s guide: Unassisted Handstand

exercise and memory Anyone whose dealt with the nightmare that is “Finals week” knows the commonplace feelings of memory failing.  People try all sorts of things to improve their memory for these types of high pressure situations such as dramatic increases in caffeine intake, adderall abuse, or off-label use of […]

Timing your workouts to supercharge your memory