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Thanks to the internet (and its endless source of anecdotal information) I came across a reddit user by the username of Iafn1996 whom had ceased taking protein and creatine as his own science experiment (Original Post).  I found this to be in the vein of experiments that Brawn for Brains […]

Cutting Protein and Creatine

There you are, at your supplement station, making another post-workout shake immediately after a grueling lifting session.  You only feed your muscles the best and, as you admire your pump while you manhandle little shovels and tubs of powder, you hesitate…. “Do I even need the glutamine?”  At first you […]

Do I Even Need Glutamine?

  Train Smarter, Train Stronger You are unique. Everyone is and everyone has different needs in life. Training and nutrition are no exception. Training Smarter means training based on your individuality. Once you discover the unique ways you respond to exercise and nutrition you can truly start Training Stronger. Brawn […]

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