This article is all about the science and research behind protein as a macronutrient. Click here for a guide to protein supplements or click here for a guide to building muscle. If You Want to Build Muscle, Eat Protein If you want to build your body in any meaningful way, […]

All about Macros – Protein

  If you’re still new to the deadlift and are unsure about the nuances of good form please go back and read Getting Started: The Deadlift. There’s a common question that comes up to strength coaches: “If you could only do one exercise for the rest of your life, what […]

The Big 3: The Deadlift

Unless you are a picture perfect clean eater and eat a diet consisting of only nonprocessed whole foods- fresh fruits, seasonable vegetables, fresh cut meats – then you’ve probably come across the infamous nutrition fact label. The nutrition facts label is required by law in many countries, the intent of […]

Wise Up! How To Read Nutrition Facts Labels So You Don’t Get Fooled

Energy Balance: The Core Scientific Principle of Weight Loss and Gain Here’s the regular dieting pattern – pick up a new diet based on seeing someone’s grand success with it, learn all about he rules of this new way of eating, drop a few pounds pretty quickly and then BAM! […]

The Essential Guide to Energy Balance and TDEE