Let’s get this out of the way… There’s no such thing as a “good carb” or a “bad carb.” Carbs are molecules without any moral agenda. Some carbs can make it easier to consume an excessive amount of calories regularly and that constant caloric surplus is what causes weight gain […]

All About Macros – Carbohydrates

This article is all about the science and research behind protein as a macronutrient. Click here for a guide to protein supplements or click here for a guide to building muscle. If You Want to Build Muscle, Eat Protein If you want to build your body in any meaningful way, […]

All about Macros – Protein

  If you’re still new to the deadlift and are unsure about the nuances of good form please go back and read Getting Started: The Deadlift. There’s a common question that comes up to strength coaches: “If you could only do one exercise for the rest of your life, what […]

The Big 3: The Deadlift